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Our regular inspection program will find potential problems and solve them before they cause significant damage. read more
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Our expert inspectors will assess your roof and determine if any defects exist or if the life of your roof can be extended through simple modification of maintenance.
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We are up to date with what insurance companies consider damage and what can cause you damage in the future.
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You can count on S2F for speedy reliable service when you need it most. No job too big or to small. We offer affordable solutions for everyone. We are also experts in handling insurance claims from inspection to meeting with your adjuster to help your repair process run smoothly. Many home and property owners cannot see the extent of damage that experts will see.

We not only promise to deliver exceptional results; we promise a pleasurable experience. We handle everything from prep to clean up. And, yes, we do leave the site absolutely clean.

Many home and property owners cannot see the extent of damage that experts will see. Our Roofing experts are highly skilled and have all undergone rigorous training. Protect your investment with a reliable roof. We provide free inspections and consultations. Don't wait, call us today!


New roof Tuesday was a HUGE success. Got a new roof in a day, and tested it overnight with a bit of rain. Thanks Scott, and S2F Roofing and Construction, for a quick, professional, quality job. Even though it was a success, I'm hoping to not repeat it for 20 years or so.

Richard S.

I used S2F 2 years ago. Scott did a perfect job. He handled every detail.

Mickey S.

We had a bad hail storm in 2014, the initial insurance evaluation was botched. I worked with S2F and the insurance company to get a second opinion. Everyone agreed that the initial report was bad and should be re-evaluated. ***** and his crew did a great job with the roof and helped throughout the process.

Shayne S.