S2F Roofing and Construction
906 W McDermott Dr, Suite 116-295
Allen, Texas 75013

About Us

S2F Roofing and Construction was founded by Scott Terry. A roofing apprentice to one of the largest commercial roofing companies for  years, Scott has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all facets of roofing. Scott also continues to work with the large commercial roofers and attend trade shows/seminars to stay current on all trends and materials.

S2F Roofing and Construction utilizes multiple crews for any scope of work, so no job is too big or too small. These crews have been used for 15+ years and are well trained to exacting standards.

S2F Roofing and Construction is local family owned in Allen, Texas and works across much of the metroplex area. We urge you to be weary of the fly by night "storm chasers" and door to door sales people that have THEIR bottom line in mind rather than your well being.  Put your trust in the local guys that live close by and will be here for you!


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